About Kristin

I am a native Hoosier that lives in the Lawrence area with my family.  It is definitely a busy house with my husband, 2 daughters (and another baby on the way), and 2 dogs.  I enjoy all things outdoors, gardening, reading, watching documentaries, and cooking.  I have worked in public housing, home-based counseling, and advocacy at local nonprofits since graduating with my Masters in Social Work in 2005.

I am one of the Cofounders of Catalyst X-Change and am the Training Coordinator.  As the name implies, I do all things training and technical assistance for nonprofits.  I create trainings and materials for those who attend.  I also oversee our technical assistance process for nonprofits to increase their engagement of teens, 20 and 30 somethings within their organization.

My blog postings are focused on intergenerational issues and how to engage those 30 and under in nonprofits and our community to make Indy the happening place.  If you have any questions regarding trainings and technical assistance, shoot me an email at kristin@catalystxchange.org


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