Monday Challenge: Use your Smartphone for social change

Written by: Melissa Noyes, Co-Founder/Web Coordinator

I recently purchased an iPhone 4.  I didn’t think this would be that big of a deal.  I had a Blackberry before…and really, what’s the difference right?  Wrong.  I am hopelessly addicted to my iPhone.  There are apps for everything–even my grocery shopping list is on my phone (and is customized to the layout of the Lebanon Kroger and share-able with my husband’s iPhone).  And I am hopelessly, insanely, shamelessly addicted to Angry Birds.  Must…get…three…stars….

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are apps that are out there relating to social change.  (Albeit, not as many as there could be. Will this be the new trend in smartphone apps?) 

My challenge to you today is this–use your smartphone for social good.  We’re all on our phones all the time anyway–why not do something positive between levels of Angry Birds?

Here are a few cool apps (sorry Androids, these are iPhone apps, but it’s a place to start):

1. Causes–this is’s app.  Links you to relevant news on a whole bunch of social issues.

2. VolunteerMatch–this is’s app.  Search volunteer opportunities from your phone and find opportunities that fit the things that you are interested in.

3. The Extraordinaries–the concept here is really interesting.  They embrace “micro-volunteering.” You can help nonprofits with small, quick project needs (we’re talking 2-5 minutes here). 

4. Free2Work–Check out how companies rate on worker’s rights issues.  Hundreds of companies are profiled with individual report cards. 

5. Call+Response–Activist group dedicated to ending slavery around the world.  Tons of ways to make an impact via this app–and there’s a documentary that goes along with it if you want even more info.

What other apps are out there to promote social change?  Should more nonprofits be creating apps for smartphones? 

Keep on changin’ the world!


About catalystxchange

Catalyst X-Change, Inc. is a 501c3 serving the greater Indianapolis area. Catalyst was founded by two Millennials (Kristin Clements-Effner and Melissa Noyes) with a passion and a vision for world change. We believe that significant and positive change can happen when individuals come together and match their passions with tangible actions. Our mission is to advance community through meaningful action.
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