Quiz Time! What Generation Are You?

Written By: Kristin Clements-Effner, MSW Cofounder/Training Coordinator

We’ve also heard from people at trainings that they don’t fit the general characteristics and values for their generation based on their birth dates.  Well, we all love to take quizzes (at least I do.) So, here is a fun 10 question quiz to see what your personal preferences and ideas say about which generation you truly identify with.  Are you a Baby Boomer in a Generation Y body?  Take the quiz and find out.



About catalystxchange

Catalyst X-Change, Inc. is a 501c3 serving the greater Indianapolis area. Catalyst was founded by two Millennials (Kristin Clements-Effner and Melissa Noyes) with a passion and a vision for world change. We believe that significant and positive change can happen when individuals come together and match their passions with tangible actions. Our mission is to advance community through meaningful action.
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